Gero Fasano Restaurateur

In 1981, Gero Fasano lived in Covent Garden, attended the London International Film School, and dreamed of one day working with his idol, Francis Ford Coppola. Chance, however, forced the 18-year-old to return to Brazil, abandoning the career he envisioned for himself as a filmmaker. In São Paulo, fresh out of his teens, he immersed himself in the history of his Milanese family, particularly in the gastronomic legacy of his grand and great-grandfathers. He reclaimed the Fasano family name (which no longer belonged to the family) and opened a small namesake restaurant in Sao Paulo, following a 20-year gap without any Fasano in the city.

Four decades later, and it is widely said that Brazilian gastronomy is divided in a pre- and post-Gero period. In all, Fasano leads 27 restaurants and 9 iconic hotels that comprise one of the main luxury brands in the country. A brand that now arrives in New York.


The Fasano brand is widely recognized for its excellence in gastronomy and service. Fasano’s gastronomic history began in 1902 when Vittorio Fasano, an Italian immigrant from Milan and the patriarch of the family in Brazil, first opened Brasserie Paulista, located on the historical center of São Paulo.

As the fourth generation of Fasano restaurateurs, Gero Fasano starts in the business in the 1980s. Shortly thereafter, he makes a transition from restaurants to hotels, becoming known for reinventing the concept of understated luxury in Brazil. With 27 restaurants and 9 hotels, the brand became synonymous with utmost quality, attention to detail and particularly discreet service.


Rooted in the Fasano family history of excellence in hospitality and reverence to their Italian heritage, Fasano New York combines impeccable services and sophisticated design offering expertly prepared, classic Milanese dishes. Chef Nicola Fedeli devised an elegant menu of elevated northern Italian dishes including Ossobuco Alla Menighina con Risotto Alla Milanese, Tortelli di Vitello con Fonduta di Parmigiano Regggiano and the Classic Bollito Cart, which are complemented by a robust wine list curated by sommelier Manoel Beato.